50 Best Lola Big Mouth Quotes To Make You Laugh

Lola Big Mouth Cartoon is a hilarious adult cartoon that is created by Nick Cannon and Method Man. This show is about a big mouth woman named Lola who always wants to talk too much and has no filter. Her friends, family, and co-workers are all constantly trying to shut her up for fear of what she might say next.

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50 Best Lola Big Mouth Quotes

9. “Wait, hold on, are you saying we should kill Devin, take her skin and wear it, and then blame the whole thing on Missy, or like what? — S: AHOEB

16. “At least I still have a pussy!” — I Survived Jessi’s Bat Mitzvah

22. “I mean, life shits all over you like you’re a statute at a bird sanctuary.” — Matthew MacDell

28. “I’ve been on this hate diet all week. I just eat cookies and talk shit.” — Walter

34. “I mean, sure, normally I’d go home and jerk off, eat a giant page of Doritos, fall asleep on the floor, fart myself awake, and go down to dinner.” — Andrew Glouberman

42. “I’m your hormone monstress, baby, I know everything!” — Constance the Hormone Monstress

46. “I’m a person, not something to hide.” — NATALIE

50. “We hate camp. It stinks like trees. And the boy only likes to poop at home.” — Maury the Hormone Monster

37. “I’m actually grateful for a lot of things.” — Jessi Glaser

31. “I feel like I have lyme disease because, deer, I am ticked off!” — Missy Foreman-Greenwald

26. “Hey, don’t talk directly to the audience. Who do you think you are? The Fleabag?” — Marty Glouberman

23. “Andrew, I gotta level with you, bud. You are out of shape. You struggle with stairs, and you have a hard time pouring milk. You’re going to kill yourself.” — Maury the Hormone Monster

18. “We all have our own monsters, hormones, anxiety, depression, hate. It’s all about how you deal with them. Your monsters are you.” — Nick Kroll

32. “Love doesn’t back down, it doubles down.” — Walter the Lovebug

39. “My whole body is tense, like Joe Biden is whispering a dirty joke in my ear.” — Andrew Glouberman

44. “Jay: I’m going to lick the breakfast out of your molars.

Lola: Hope you like Lean Pocket Shrimp Vindaloo.” — Lola

49. “Hold your feelings in, like your shit.” — Maury the Hormone Monster

40. “I gotta withhold my seed for the safety of mankind.” — Andrew Glouberman

27. “Christmas is the perfect orgy of bright lights, dairy-based alcoholic beverages, and great deals at your local Honda dealership!” — Maury the Hormone Monster

20. “You’re a man, Andrew, with a dick of steel and a gun for an ass. Go get ’em!” — Maury the Hormone Monster

25. “Bonnie: Okay. Did he or did he not use your credit card to buy a $100,000 baby Beanie Feldstein Beanie baby?

Connie: That baby Beanie Baby was an investment, baby.

Bonnie: Baby, between you and me, he shouldn’t have bought that Beanie Beanie Baby.

Connie: Well, this is not the Jonah Hill I will die on.” — Connie the Hormone Monstress

47. “Read the tea leaves, honey!” — Andrew Glouberman

41. “Teach me the ways of your kingdom.” — Jay Bilzerian

36. “So you can take your destiny and go fuck yourself.” — Nick Birch

21. “Oh, my God! I never tried ceviche, even though I told everyone I hated it!” — Nick Birch

48. “Just to be clear, ‘different’ is not a compliment.” — Mona

43. “I have nothing and nobody.” — Jessi Glaser

13. “Mazel tov on your boxy dress!” — I Survived Jessi’s Bat Mitzvah

5. “Yeah. Are you gonna divorce her dad and then marry some guy who lives in another state, [starts getting sad] and then sometimes your daughter has to, like, Uber to school because it’s cheaper for you to fly back on a Tuesday, or like what?” — S: AHOEB

1. “Yeah, we’re wearing a ton of hairspray, you psycho!” — Ejaculation

45. “Clip-clop, I’m a little show pony.” — Lola

33. “Ladies, women, girl bosses, let’s take a step back and remember who the real enemy is. The boys!” — Jessi Glaser

38. “You sing like a goddamn angel, and you got the heart of a champion.” — Maury the Hormone Monster

24. “Sex should be a mutually pleasurable activity.” — Elliot Birch

17. “Just ’cause you didn’t like me back doesn’t mean I get to hate you.” — Nick Birch

30. “Well, time is a flatbread pizza, so you do you, baby.” — Rick the Hormone Monster

35. “You’re getting your hair pubed?” — Andrew Glouberman

11. “Do it now! Do the speech now!” — Girls Are Horny Too

7. “Stop trying to make out with me, lesbo! You’re not my mom!” — S:AHOEB

3. “Little Women? Are you calling me a midge, cause you’re a nobody!” — S: AHOEB

15. “S is for slut, it’s what everyone says Jessi is.” — I Survived Jessi’s Bat Mitzvah

29. “You can’t ruin a friendship with sex. That’s a myth.” — Connie the Hormone Monstress

8. “I only do everything so that Devin will like me.” — S: AHOEB

19. “Maury: You know, Rick once helped me out of a Costco. You can’t find the exit in those places.

Rick: You just gotta look for the entrance. The entrance is the exit, man!” — Maury the Hormone Monster

6. “I’m lesbians with my mom.” — S: AHOEB

2. “Oh my God, he’s sooooo deep.” — Everybody Bleeds

12. “Devin is mine!” — Requiem for a Wet Dream

4. “Yeah, let’s do it! And Jessi, just like logistically, Devin is my best friend. If you get too close to her I will literally end you… Yay, a sleepover!” — S: AHOEB

14. “J is for Jessi, the girl everyone loves.” — I Survived Jessi’s Bat Mitzvah

10. “Who do you think you are, one of the Kardashians?” — Girls Are Horny Too






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