55 Best King Von Quotes From His Lyrics

King von rapper is a hip-hop artist that is quickly gaining popularity. He has a unique style that is sure to catch your attention. Whether you love his music or not, you have to check out what he has to say.

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55 Best King Von Quotes

1. “you a real nigga and u doing dis shit da rite way. Don’t let no nigga tell you different and don’t let none of dese weak ass hoes throw u off.” – King Von

2. “Krump was doing all that wolfing he ain’t even make it.” – King Von

3. “You either gone wait on it, or you gone go and get it? The choice is yours.” – King Von

4. “My life grand theft auto – All my guns on semi-auto” – King Von

5. “You Gotta Look Out For Your People, Man.” – King Von

6. “A man that stands for nothing will fall for anything” – King Von

7. “You have to go harder so everybody can talk about you. The more people know you, the more money you get.” – King Von

8. “I’m from the streets so I like rap music; that’s what makes up the streets everywhere.” – King Von

9. “I’m good at sh*t though. The first time I do something, I’ll probably be good at it.” – King Von

10. “You either gonna wait on it, or you gonna go and get it? The choice is yours.” – King Von

11. “Would’ve never guess i’ll be making movies.” – King Von

12. “I remember the times i had nowhere to go.” – King Von

13. “I drop a song and these niggas quote it, if he looking for me i’m prolly where his hoe is!” – King Von

14. “My love don’t come with a price, you could put me in ice, it won’t stop me from skatin’ off” – King Von

15. “It’s either gon be you in jail or you die, or you get lucky in this bih” – King Von

16. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – King Von

17. “I’m rich and they can’t take it, I’m just happy that we made it “ – King Von

18. “Do you ever get that sad feeling out of nowhere?” – King Von

19. “I need to make something raw real quickly.” – King Von

20. “We are strong, but we are stronger together.” – King Von

21. “Time goes by, and sh*t just changes, man. People get old. People got their own sh*t going on. You know how that goes.” – King Von

22. “I’m a player. Like I told you in the beginning. I was born a player. It’s the player sh*t. Just let the window down, just a little bit, pass the hoe her phone, and sh*t. I let them handle it. Y’all take care of that sh*t. Y’all make that sh*t right. I was going to leave.” – King Von

23. “You a real n*gga and you doing this sh*t the right way. Don’t let no n*gga tell you different and don’t let none of these weak *ss hoes throw you off.” – King Von

24. “I’m not doing sh*t for anything; I don’t give a f*ck about any of that sh*t. I don’t care about people; I care about my people.” – King Von

25. “That shit gonna figure it out in real life.” – King Von

26. “You gotta do what you gotta do” – King Von

27. “They just saying shit, you know.” – King Von

28. “If it ain’t about money, I don’t talk about it” – King Von

29. “Ain’t no switchin sides you gotta pick a side” – King Von

30. “I got lot of people to take care of.” – King Von

31. “I gotta drop on this flexing nigga.” – King Von

32. “When I say, ‘Let me focus,’ that was just me talking to the audience. I was talking to the audience. See, I was daydreaming in the car or some sh*t. Now, folks and I see what’s goin’ on. Oh, I’m gonna ride this n*gga. You see what I’m saying?” – King Von

33. “You’ve got money and the sh*t that comes with the fame.” – King Von

34. “In jail, you don’t do sh*t but read, write, and think about the past sh*t that I did. In jail, you don’t got nothing but memories in that b*tch. I was reading a lot of books in there. That’s probably where that sh*t came from.” – King Von

35. “Give positive vibes out even though what we rappin’ about is really just entertainment right now. It’s just music.” – King Von

36. “Would’ve never guessed I’ll be making movies.” – King Von

37. “Ain’t got no beat? What the f*ck am i gonna do?” – King Von

38. “You know i can’t do no overseas.” – King Von

39. “You know? The ladies love me.” – King Von

40. “Chicago ain’t really like that.” – King Von

41. “Don’t believe all that shit, man.” – King Von

42. “I done did my time, I’m chillin” – King Von

43. “I am what I am. What I’m not, see I’ll never be” – King Von

44. “I keep my distance like COVID (Yeah)” – King Von

45. “shit just rhymes…it’s just hypothetical.” – King Von

46. “My sneakers Louboutin, these ain’t Puma’s” – King Von

47. “A person that stands for nothing will fall for anything” – King Von

48. “i’ll do whatever i can do.” – King Von

49. “Y’all broadcasting the wrong shit.” – King Von

50. “I’m heartless, b*tch, you can call me the Tin Man” – King Von

51. “Atlanta…they ain’t tripping so hard.” – King Von

52. “Everyone be smilin’, they miss me “ – King Von

53. “I ain’t got no flaws” – King Von

54. “Every video i seen i’m as bad as hell.” – King Von

55.  “If I tell I love you, I mean it” – King Von







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