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Diego Perez is the writer behind the pen name Yung Pueblo. The name Yung Pueblo means “young people.” it serves to remind him of his Ecuadorian roots, his experiences in activism, and that the collective of humanity is in the midst of important growth. His favorite word, liberation, took on a deeper meaning once he started meditating on vipassana. Through writing and speaking, he aims to support the healing of the individual, realizing that when we release our personal burdens, we contribute to global peace.

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Best Yung Pueblo Quotes

1. “True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader.” ― Yung Pueblo

2. “Your emotional history affects your daily behavior; letting go of these patterns allows you to think and act in new ways.” ― Yung Pueblo

3. “Reclaiming our power, healing ourselves, loving ourselves, knowing ourselves – these phrases are becoming more and more common, why? Because they are the pathways to our own freedom and happiness.” ― Yung Pueblo

4. “While in the midst of serious internal growth, respect your need to rest.” ― Yung Pueblo

5. “How do you know you are growing in the right direction? You can breathe more deeply, think more clearly, and feel calmness and happiness flow more strongly through your being.” ― Yung Pueblo

6. “People who deeply know and love themselves are not hateful towards others.” ― Yung Pueblo

7. “Your healing lifts up the ocean of existence. When you heal we all heal.” ― Yung Pueblo

8. “I lived so long with a closed heart, not because I was afraid to get hurt but because I was afraid of the pain I had hidden away.” ― Yung Pueblo

9. “Before I could release the weight of my sadness and pain, I first had to honor its existence.” ― Yung Pueblo

10. “Real maturity is observing your own inner turbulence and pausing before you project how you feel onto what is happening around you.” ― Yung Pueblo

11. “Allow yourself to transform as many times as you need to be fully happy and free.” ― Yung Pueblo

12. “Your initial reaction is usually your past trying to impose itself on your present.” ― Yung Pueblo

13. “There is no mystery to the miracle of self-healing; it is courage, commitment, and consistency that move us from misery to inner peace.” ― Yung Pueblo

14. “Loving yourself is not selfish, it is essential to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the world.” ― Yung Pueblo

15. “Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting, it just means we stop carrying the energy of the past into the present.” ― Yung Pueblo

16. “Every time I meet more of myself, I can know and love more of you.” ― Yung Pueblo

17. “When you grow rapidly and experience such deep insights that you can no longer look at yourself or the world in the same way. Be kind, allow yourself the time and space to settle into the new you.” ― Yung Pueblo

18. “Find a partner who understands that deepening their healing and expanding their emotional maturity helps them love you better. When you both realize that going inward is the key to building outer harmony, it elevates your relationship into a new and brighter stage.” ― Yung Pueblo

19. “Find someone who can accept you as you are but also inspires you to evolve because they take their own growth seriously.” ― Yung Pueblo

20. “To be so broken to have fallen so deeply; that the only thing you can do is rise into a new you (phoenix).” ― Yung Pueblo

21. “A mature partner will embrace your ups and downs. They know that some days are harder than others and that it’s not possible to feel your best every day. What they care about is that you’re being the real you with them. They don’t rush you to be happy; instead, they give support.” ― Yung Pueblo

22. “She’s an explorer, unafraid to travel within her heart and mind.” ― Yung Pueblo

23. “It did not happen overnight and it was not given to me by another. I am the maker of the happiness and love growing within me.” ― Yung Pueblo

24. “Three things make life harder: not loving ourselves, refusing to grow, not letting go.” ― Yung Pueblo

25. “Self-awareness combined with action opens the door to real change.” ― Yung Pueblo

26. “It is easier to let go of someone’s opinion when you understand that people see you through a combination of their past conditioning plus their current emotion. Without realizing it, they see themselves first and through that lens they get an unclear picture of you.” ― Yung Pueblo

27. “You feel most agitated right before you settle into a more substantial peace.” ― Yung Pueblo

28. “Ego sees problems; consciousness sees solutions.” ― Yung Pueblo

29. “Wholeness is when lies no longer stand between you and yourself.” ― Yung Pueblo

30. “Sometimes deeper mental clarity is preceded by great internal storms.” ― Yung Pueblo

31. “We allow ourselves to love because it’s worth the risk. Even though there is the chance of loss or hurt, we take the leap again and again because love is one of the best parts of being alive. We don’t do it because it’s easy, we do it because connection makes everything brighter.” ― Yung Pueblo

32. “Finding the right partner can make life beautiful, but only if you add to that beauty by doing your own inner work.” ― Yung Pueblo

33. “There is no shortage of people who ended a new relationship with great potential because they were unconsciously attached to perfection. Running away when slight friction occurs is a sign of being emotionally unprepared. Great relationships are built, they don’t come ready made.” ― Yung Pueblo

34. “Forcing ourselves to be happy is not genuine or productive; being honest about what we feel while remaining calm and aware is the real work.” ― Yung Pueblo

35. “Peace makes you strong. Hate reveals your emptiness. Kindness feeds your happiness. Anger reveals your fear. Love makes you free.” ― Yung Pueblo

36. “A person grows in beauty whenever they move away from what harms them and into their own power.” ― Yung Pueblo

37. “Sometimes people are simply meant to teach you how not to act in the future.” ― Yung Pueblo

38. “Emotional maturity is knowing the difference between your true needs and temporary cravings.” ― Yung Pueblo

39. “The forces of the universe support those who work at healing themselves.” ― Yung Pueblo

40. “You can love people and not allow them to harm you.” ― Yung Pueblo

41. “Ego is self-doubt self-hatred anxiety narcissism fear of others harshness impatience a lack of compassion and illusions.” ― Yung Pueblo

42. “A real sign of progress is when we no longer punish ourselves for our imperfections.” ― Yung Pueblo

43. “We carry our attachments and pain in our bodies, as we let them go our bodies change.” ― Yung Pueblo

44. “You cannot build a deep connection with someone who is disconnected from themselves.” ― Yung Pueblo

45. “I can only give to you what I have already given to myself.” ― Yung Pueblo

46. “Your relationship has reached a deeper level of emotional maturity when you both stop trying to win during an argument and instead focus on understanding each other’s perspectives.” ― Yung Pueblo

47. “Even if the connection is strong, is there enough emotional maturity between the two of you to build a home together? Do your levels of commitment to expanding self-awareness and healing past patterns match? This is not about perfection, this is about being ready to grow.” ― Yung Pueblo

48. “A connection goes nowhere unless both of you have enough emotional energy to properly invest in the relationship. A lot of connections stay superficial because there is still unconscious emotional exhaustion from what happened before you met. The right timing makes a difference.” ― Yung Pueblo

49. “I was never addicted to one thing, I was addicted to filling a void within myself with other things other than my own love.” ― Yung Pueblo

50. “I started speaking my truth when being free became more important that guarding the fear of my ego.” ― Yung Pueblo

51. “Progress is when we forgive ourselves for taking so long to treat our bodies like a home.” ― Yung Pueblo

52. “Ask yourself: is this how i actually feel, or is this my emotional history trying to recreate the past?” ― Yung Pueblo

53. “If they make you feel rejuvenated after hanging out with them, give them more of your time.” ― Yung Pueblo

54. “Self-love is the nourishment that gives us the clarity and strength to love others well.” ― Yung Pueblo

55. “Maturity is knowing that when your mood is down you should not trust the way you see yourself.” ― Yung Pueblo

56. “I can only understand the world as much as I understand myself.” ― Yung Pueblo

57. “Letting go is the act of getting to know yourself so deeply that all delusions fall away.” ― Yung Pueblo

58. “Your vibration is always shining and affecting your environment.” ― Yung Pueblo

59. “All can be healed.” ― Yung Pueblo

60. “I am not fully healed, I am not fully wise, I am still on my way. What matters is that I am moving forward.” ― Yung Pueblo

61. “Happiness is letting go.” ― Yung Pueblo

62. “The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely.” ― Yung Pueblo

63. “Being okay with not being okay helps you let go.” ― Yung Pueblo

64. “To harm another is to harm oneself.” ― Yung Pueblo

65. “Real love began when we both stopped expecting and instead focused on giving.” ― Yung Pueblo

66. “Life hurts when the mind is full of attachments.” ― Yung Pueblo

67. “A sign of growth is being okay with not being okay.” ― Yung Pueblo

68. “Maturity in a relationship is not expecting to always be on the same schedule.” ― Yung Pueblo

69. “We never wanted to argue, but it kept happening because that is what hearts do when they are overflowing with old pain.” ― Yung Pueblo

70. “Do the earth a favour, don’t hide your magic.” ― Yung Pueblo






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