45 Best Danny Duncan Quotes

Danny Duncan is a famous American Youtuber and social media personality. He runs a Youtube channel called DuncanStrength. Danny is famous for his YouTube channel post Prank and Skateboard Videos. It has more than 3 million subscribers on Youtube and the younger generation also like it.

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45 Best Danny Duncan Quotes

1. “They won’t even know, it’s not like they’ll see it in my video or anything.” – Danny Duncan

2. “There’s a bunch of people playing volleyball, so Nick is gonna run out there in his little thing and f*cking steal the ball.” – Danny Duncan

3. “People message me sometimes and saying ‘Give Papa Jim hearing aids’, but he already has them, he just doesn’t want to wear them.” – Danny Duncan

4. “Got my sister a new car because her truck has been unreliable and about to blow up. We crashed hers then surprised her with the car. thanks for watching!” – Danny Duncan

5. “Cameron, did it hurt? When you fell from heaven? You ok man?” – Danny Duncan

6. “We’re gonna go bring this somewhere to uh fix it. My friend over here destroyed my car so I have to turn it into a convertible now. I think that’s the only solution.” – Danny Duncan

7. “I love how he shakes his head. He shakes his head like you’re a f*cking imbecile dude.” – Danny Duncan

8. “My neighbors probably think you’re a f*cking idiot dude, ‘Hey honey look, that moron that did the roller blades off the roof is trying another stunt.’” – Danny Duncan

9. “If he hits you, you just take it.. You just take it, you can just yourself in the face alright.. You don’t feel sh*t, you don’t feel sh*t.” – Danny Duncan

10. “Why would he say sorry to your dumb*ss for locking the door? (Laughs) I didn’t do it.” – Danny Duncan

11. “My f*cking Tesla just got glass everywhere so we can’t drive that. All we have is this f*cking van.” – Danny Duncan

12. “I just went to Icebox, my chain was 1,020 dollars, he gave it to me for 1,000.” – Danny Duncan

13. “Last video of the Cancun trip! we swam with whale sharks and went to Xplor and I got to go ziplining for the first time! had so much fun thanks to all of you who make it possible!” – Danny Duncan

14. “This is a new segment I would like to do every once in a while… Just drive somewhere with some friends and mess around for a couple days. I had a lot of fun hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!” Danny Duncan

15. “Sometimes the city likes to take advantage of you and charge you 50 dollars to park somewhere for an hour, that’s f*cked up. Feel free to take advantage of the system.” – Danny Duncan

16. “His name is Tanner. (Papa Jim asks ‘Is it a girl?) Nah it’s a boy.” – Danny Duncan

17. “Like if I worked for Trump, this would look like a legitimate vehicle you would use.” – Danny Duncan

18. “One day you’re gonna die, and then you’re gonna be like.. You’re gonna be dead, you’re gonna be dead and then you’re gonna be like ‘I shoulda went to San Francisco, I never got the chance’ Daniel is gonna die… My filmer is gonna die.. This.. This guy is gonna die.” – Danny Duncan

19. “I got to get in shape, got to look like my boy Ryan Reynolds.” – Danny Duncan

20. “I love hot moms.” – Danny Duncan

21. “I moved to Los Angeles to try some new things out. Here’s the road trip to LA! Hope you enjoy it and thanks to every single one of you who have helped me get to this point!” – Danny Duncan

22. “God d*mn it who’s the rent a cop now?” – Danny Duncan

23. “Alright, make some noise for Papa Jim!” – Danny Duncan

24. “We’re not a legitimate company over here, but we don’t steal clips though. Our reception kinda sucks.” – Danny Duncan

25. “You want mine over you? I’ll buy another b*tch. Man I’m about to f*cking nail this on his head.” – Danny Duncan

26. “Do you guys have a window durable enough to like withstand the impact of like an Xbox?” – Danny Duncan

27. “Posting another video Thursday and Saturday morning so don’t miss them! sorry for lagging love you guys! TOUR is in TWO weeks! Can’t wait to see you guys sh*t’s gonna be fun!” – Danny Duncan

28. “Donde esta my f*cking cheesecake” – Danny Duncan

29. “Dude I’d rather suck his d*ck than lick one of those.” – Danny Duncan

30. “Why are there people walking down the freeway?” – Danny Duncan

31. “Some people call it luck, I call it dedication.” – Danny Duncan

32. “Adopting one child won’t change the world: but for that child, the world will change. I love you Marvin” – Danny Duncan

33. “Virginity rocks.” – Danny Duncan

34. “Yeah yeah no don’t worry about my yard, I don’t care about my yard just f*cking get it done.” – Danny Duncan

35. “Alright we’ve been in quarantine for a while, haven’t seen Papa Jim in over a month. Starting to lose my f*cking mind, but he’s usually outside so we drove by, but he’s not.” – Danny Duncan

36. “Tomorrow is my birthday, so it makes me look like a better person if I buy someone else something on my birthday.” – Danny Duncan

37. “Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.” – Danny Duncan

38. “Sometimes if they’re not gonna give you what you want, than you got to just leave cuz you can’t get ripped off guys, you can’t.” – Danny Duncan

39. “If you lick my hands, then your mouth will be the most disgusting.” – Danny Duncan

40. “Hi, I’m Danny Duncan.. I post videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.. Love you guys!” – Danny Duncan

41. “Honk if Trump makes you h*rny.” – Danny Duncan

42. “I won’t hit the car, don’t worry.” – Danny Duncan

43. “Fet’s Luck.” – Danny Duncan

44. “I think it’s fine.” – Danny Duncan

45. “This is like me when I had no money, any opportunity for free food and I took it.” – Danny Duncan




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