65 Best Dark Love Quotes to Make You Feel Better

Love is often seen as a light, happy emotion, but there is another side to love – the dark side. This side is often hidden from view, but it exists, and it can be just as powerful and alluring as the light side. The dark side of love is associated with passion, intensity, and obsession. It can be thrilling and exciting, but it can also be dangerous and destructive.

If you are drawn to the dark side of love, here are some quotes to help you explore your feelings further.

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65 Best Dark Love Quotes

1. “You Really Shouldn’t Say ‘I Love You’ Unless You Mean It. But If You Mean It, You Should Say It A Lot. People Forget.” – Jessica Jung

2. “Love Is When You Don’t Have To Be With Another Person To Touch Their Heart!” – Torquato Tasso

3. “We Are Each Of Us Angels With Only One Wing, And We Can Only Fly By Embracing One Another.” – Luciano De Crescenzo

4. “Romance Is Thinking About Your Significant Other When You Are Supposed To Be Thinking About Something Else.” – Nicholas Sparks

5. “Why Are Old Lovers Able To Become Friends? Two Reasons. They Never Truly Loved Each Other, Or They Love Each Other Still.” – Whitney Otto

6. “There Is Love Of Course. And Then There’s Life, It’s Enemy.” – Jean Anouilh

7. “Those Who Have Never Known The Deep Intimacy And The Intense Companionship Of Happy Mutual Love Have Missed The Best Thing That Life Has To Give.” – Bertrand Russell

8. “Let Yourself Be Drawn By The Stronger Pull Of That Which You Truly Love.” – Rumi

9. “Do What You Love, Love What You Do, And With All Your Heart Give Yourself To It.” – Roy T. Bennett

10. “By The Time You Swear You’re His, Shivering and Sighing. And He Vows His Passion Is, Infinite, Undying. Lady Make Note Of This — One Of You Is Lying.” – Dorothy Parker

11. “She Was My Dream. She Made Me Who I Am, And Holding Her In My Arms Was More Natural To Me Than My Own Heartbeat. I Think About Her All the Time. Even Now, When I’m Sitting Here, I Think about Her. There Could Never Have Been Another.” – Nicholas Sparks

12. “That’s What People Do Who Love You. They Put Their Arms around You and Love You When You’re Not So Lovable.” – Deb Caletti

13. “I Belong To My Beloved, And My Beloved Is Mine.” – Jamie McGuire

14. “There’s A Difference between Really Loving Someone and Loving the Idea of Her.” – Gillian Flynn

15. “We Can Talk Frankly About Our Defects Only To Those Who Recognise Our Qualities.” – Andre Maurois

16. “Love Grows By Giving. The Love We Give Away Is The Only Love We Keep. The Only Way To Retain Love Is To Give It Away.” – Elbert Hubbard

17. “If You Find Someone You Love In Your Life, Then Hang On To That Love.” – Princess Diana

18. “A Moment Of Anger Can Destroy A Lifetime Of Work, Whereas A Moment Of Love Can Break Barriers That Took A Lifetime To Build.” – Leon Brown

19. “When it’s Gone, You’ll know What a Gift Love Was. You’ll suffer like this. So Go Back and Fight To Keep It.” – Ian McEwan

20. “This Is The True Measure Of Love When We Believe That We Alone Can Love, That No One Could Ever Have Loved So Before Us And That No One Will Ever Love In The Same Way After Us.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

21. “In Youth, It Was a Way I Had, To Do My Best To Please. And Change, With Every Passing Lad To Suit His Theories. But Now I Know The Things I Know And Do The Things I Do, And If You Do Not Like Me So, To Hell, My Love, With You.” – Dorothy Parker

22. “The Highest Function Of Love Is That It Makes The Loved One A Unique And Irreplaceable Being.” – Tom Robbins

23. “People like to Say Love Is Unconditional, But It’s Not, And Even If It Was Unconditional, It’s Still Never Free. There’s always an Expectation Attached. They Always Want Something In Return. Like They Want You To Be Happy Or Whatever And That Makes You Automatically Responsible For Their Happiness Because They Won’t Be Happy Unless You Are … I Just Don’t Want That Responsibility.” – Katja Millay

24. “I Was Blind And Heart Broken And Didn’t Want To Do Anything And Gus Burst Into My Room And Shouted, “I Have Wonderful News!” And I Was Like, “I Don’t Really Want To Hear Wonderful News Right Now,” And Gus Said, “This Is Wonderful News You Want To Hear,” And I Asked Him, “Fine, What Is It?” And He Said, “You Are Going To Live A Good And Long Life Filled With Great And Terrible Moments That You Cannot Even Imagine Yet!” – John Green

25. “I Fell In Love With Her When We Were Together, Then Fell Deeper In Love With Her In The Years We Were Apart.” – Nicholas Sparks

26. “You Can Search Throughout The Entire Universe For Someone Who Is More Deserving Of Your Love And Affection Than You Are Yourself, And That Person Is Not To Be Found Anywhere. You, Yourself, As Much As Anybody In The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love And Affection.” – Sharon Salzberg

27. “Love Has Nothing To Do With What You Are Expecting To Get – Only With What You Are Expecting To Give – Which Is Everything” – Katharine Hepburn

28. “I Stopped For A Second. If You Remember Everything, I Wanted To Say, And If You Are Really Like Me, Then Before You Leave Tomorrow, Or When You’re Just Ready To Shut The Door Of The Taxi And Have Already Said Goodbye To Everyone Else And There’s Not A Thing Left To Say In This Life, Then, Just This Once, Turn To Me, Even In Jest, Or As An Afterthought, Which Would Have Meant Everything To Me When We Were Together, And, As You Did Back Then, Look Me In The Face, Hold My Gaze, And Call Me By Your Name” – André Aciman

29. “Goodbyes Are Only For Those Who Love With Their Eyes. Because For Those Who Love With Heart and Soul There Is No Such Thing as Separation.” – Rumi

30. “Anxiety Is Love’s Greatest Killer. It Makes Others Feel As You Might When A Drowning Man Holds On To You. You Want To Save Him, But You Know He Will Strangle You With His Panic.” – Anais Nin

31. “Good Night, Good Night! Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, That I Shall Say Good Night Till It Be Morrow.” – William Shakespeare

32. “None Of Us Has The Power To Make Someone Else Love Us. But We All Have The Power To Give Away Love, To Love Other People. And If We Do So, We Change The Kind Of World We Live In.” – Harold S. Kushner

33. “But In A Solitary Life, There Are Rare Moments When Another Soul Dips Near Yours, As Stars Once A Year Brush The Earth. Such A Constellation Was He to Me.” – Madeline Miller

34. “It’s Bullshit to Think of Friendship and Romance as Being Different. They’re not. They’re Just Variations of the Same Love. Variations Of The Same Desire To Be Close.” – Rachel Cohn

35. “If you’re A Bird… I’m A Bird…” – Nicholas Sparks

36. “What Are the Chances You’d Ever Meet Someone Like That? He Wondered. Someone You Could Love Forever, Someone Who Would Forever Love You Back? And What Did You Do When That Person Was Born Half A World Away? The Math Seemed Impossible.” – Rainbow Rowell

37. “What Greater Gift than the Love of a Cat.” – Charles Dickens

38. “That’s What Real Love Amounts to – Letting a Person Be What He Really Is. Most People Love You For Who You Pretend To Be. To Keep Their Love, You Keep Pretending – Performing. You Get To Love Your Pretense. It’s True, We’re locked in an Image, an Act – And the Sad Thing Is, People, Get So Used to Their Image, and They Grow Attached to Their Masks. They Love Their Chains. They Forget All About Who They Really Are. And If You Try to Remind Them, They Hate You for It, They Feel like You’re Trying to Steal Their Most Precious Possession.” – Jim Morrison

39. “It’s Hard Being Left Behind. (…) It’s Hard to Be the One Who Stays.” – Audrey Niffenegger

40. “Part Of The Problem With The Word ‘Disabilities’ Is That It Immediately Suggests An Inability To See Or Hear Or Walk Or Do Other Things That Many Of Us Take For Granted. But What Of People Who Can’t Feel? Or Talk About Their Feelings? Or Manage Their Feelings In Constructive Ways? What Of People Who Aren’t Able To Form Close And Strong Relationships? And People Who Cannot Find Fulfillment In Their Lives, Or Those Who Have Lost Hope, Who Live In Disappointment And Bitterness And Find In Life No Joy, No Love? These, It Seems To Me, Are the Real Disabilities.” – Fred Rogers

41. “To Say That One Waits A Lifetime For His Soulmate To Come Around Is A Paradox. People Eventually Get Sick Of Waiting, Take A Chance On Someone, And By The Art Of Commitment Become Soulmates, Which Takes A Lifetime To Perfect.” – Criss Jami

42. “But True Love Is A Durable Fire, In The Mind Ever Burning, Never Sick, Never Old, Never Dead, From Itself Never Turning.” – Walter Raleigh

43. “I Told You. You Don’t Love Someone Because Of Their Looks Or Their Clothes Or Their Car. You Love Them Because They Sing A Song Only Your Heart Can Understand.” – L.J. Smith

44. “Owning Our Story Can Be Hard But Not Nearly As Difficult As Spending Our Lives Running From It. Embracing Our Vulnerabilities Is Risky But Not Nearly As Dangerous As Giving Up On Love And Belonging And Joy—The Experiences That Make Us The Most Vulnerable. Only When We Are Brave Enough To Explore The Darkness Will We Discover The Infinite Power Of Our Light.” – Brene Brown

45. “If Love Is The Soul Of Christian Existence, It Must Be At The Heart Of Every Other Christian Virtue. Thus, For Example, Justice Without Love Is Legalism; Faith Without Love Is Ideology; Hope Without Love Is Self-Centeredness; Forgiveness Without Love Is Self-Abasement; Fortitude Without Love Is Recklessness; Generosity Without Love Is Extravagance; Care Without Love Is Mere Duty; Fidelity Without Love Is Servitude. Every Virtue Is An Expression Of Love. No Virtue Is Really A Virtue Unless It Is Permeated, Or Informed, By Love.” – Richard Rohr

46. “It Makes No Difference How Deeply Seated May Be The Trouble, How Hopeless The Outlook How Muddled The Tangle, How Great The Mistake. A Sufficient Realization of Love Will Dissolve It All.” – Emmet Fox

47. “Sometimes Love Means Letting Go When You Want To Hold On Tighter.” – Melissa Marr

48. “She Wanted Something Else, Something Different, Something More. Passion And Romance, Perhaps, Or Maybe Quiet Conversations In Candlelit Rooms, Or Perhaps Something As Simple As Not Being Second.” – Nicholas Sparks

49. “And So Let Us Always Meet Each Other With A Smile, For The Smile Is The Beginning Of Love, And Once We Begin To Love Each Other Naturally We Want To Do Something.” – Mother Teresa

50. “And To the Devil with It If She Is!” Said The Consul. “One Girl, Who Is Not Nephilim, Is Not, Cannot, Be Our Priority.” “She Is My Priority!” Will Shouted.” – Cassandra Clare

51. “What Does Love Look Like? It Has The Hands To Help Others. It Has The Feet To Hasten To The Poor And Needy. It Has Eyes To See Misery And Want. It Has The Ears To Hear The Sighs And Sorrows Of Men. That Is What Love Looks Like.” – Saint Augustine

52. “Let Me Not To the Marriage of True Minds Admit Impediments. Love Is Not Love Which Alters When It Alteration Finds Or Bends With The Remover To Remove. O No, It Is An Ever-Fixed Mark That Looks On Tempests And Is Never Shaken; It Is The Star To Every Wand’ring Barque, Whose Worth’s Unknown, Although His Height Be Taken. Love’s Not Time’s Fool, Though Rosy Lips And Cheeks Within His Bending Sickle’s Compass Come; Love Alters Not With His Brief Hours And Weeks But Bears It Out Even To The Edge Of Doom. If This Be Error And Upon Me Proved, I Never Writ, Nor No Man Ever Loved.” – William Shakespeare

53. “And The Trouble Is, If You Don’t Risk Anything, You Risk Even More.” – Erica Jong

54. “Love Is Metaphysical Gravity.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

55. “The Best Romance Is Inside Marriage; The Finest Love Stories Come After The Wedding, Not Before.” – Irving Stone

56. “I Love Being In Love.” – Brittany Murphy

57. “No Woman Wants To Be In Submission To A Man Who Isn’t In Submission To God!” – T D Jakes

58. “When I Saw You I Fell In Love. And You Smiled Because You Knew.” – Arrigo Boito

59. “I Wondered What Happened When You Offered Yourself To Someone, And They Opened You, Only To Discover You Were Not The Gift They Expected And They Had To Smile And Nod And Say Thank You All The Same.” – Jodi Picoult

60. “I’ll Fight It. I’ll Fight It for You. Don’t You Worry About Me, Hazel Grace? I’m Okay. I’ll find a Way to hang around and Annoy You for a Long Time.” – John Green

61. “Moments, When Lost, Can’t Be Found Again. They’re Just Gone.” – Jenny Han

62. “All You Need Is Love.” – John Lennon

63. “If You Are Not Long, I Will Wait For You All My Life.” – Oscar Wilde

64. “Just Because You’re Beautiful and Perfect, It’s Made You Conceited.” – William Goldman

65. “Sleep, sleep, my love, my only, Deep, deep, in the dung and the dark; Be not afraid and be not lonely! This” — E.B. White





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